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Surveying, Site Plans, & Construction Survey Control

Surveying, Site Plans, & Construction Survey Control

We place a high value on geomatics excellence at StoneCroft. This service is foundational to our project’s success, whether it be collecting accurate site information or ensuring that design intent is met during construction control. 

We invest in high quality equipment, we research new technologies and we turn-over our equipment regularly for reliability. We offer a range of surveying techniques which can be used to align with project and client requirements. 

We have also invested in our standard operating procedures and data processing software with the main goal of being efficient and accurate for our clients. Our years of experience designing bridges, crossings and other infrastructure means we know the key points to pick up and our time is efficiently spent with no return trips to collect missed data. 

LiDAR information, where available, compliments our site surveys. It allows us to focus our field survey on the critical elements that are not visible in the LiDAR, such as the high-water mark, benchmark locations, stream morphology, site characteristics and other breaklines. When LiDAR is available it can also provide a great foundation for feasibility studies or high-level cost estimates as it allows preliminary reconnaissance of access road locations or structure sizing. It also brings efficiency to identifying optimal routing and crossing locations.

Our geomatics equipment capabilities include:

  • Real-time kinematic surveying: offers a higher level of accuracy than combining GPS data with traditional total station survey and is an efficient survey method 
  • Robotic total station: great on the construction site or for one-surveyor sites, the total station follows the surveyor’s movements
  • Total station survey: the traditional, accurate and reliable survey, a budget-friendly choice, great for most resource road structures
  • Bathymetry: underwater survey capability most often applied at large crossings or marine foreshores

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