StoneCroft Project Engineering | Services
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StoneCroft Project Engineering is a specialist consulting Professional Engineering firm which has operated in the natural resource industry since 1989. Our resource industry experience along with a strong background in fundamental forest, civil, geotechnical and structural engineering principles makes us uniquely qualified, competent and experienced in the office, in the field, and on construction sites. StoneCroft produces cost effective, innovative designs which meet or exceed all safety, legislative, environmental and certification requirements and best management practices, within budget and on schedule.


StoneCroft is a resource industry leader in crossing design and construction.  StoneCroft provides conceptual and / or detailed designs for the following structures:

  • Composite and Non-Composite Steel Girder Bridges
  • Log Stringer Bridges
  • Steel Deck Portable Bridges
  • Concrete Slab Girder Bridges
  • Gravel-Over-Steel Portable Bridges
  • Major Culverts
  • Embedded “Stream Simulation” Fish Passage Culverts and arches
  • Modified Armoured Fords

We also provide other specialized designs and services, including:

  • Development of excavator/ log loader lifting charts and Safe Work Procedures (SWP’s) for specialized equipment use
  • Design of barge grids, walkways, ramps, floats and breakwaters
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of crossing structures
  • River engineering and training works for protection of infrastructure, water quality and fish habitat values
  • Road and bridge deactivation and reactivation plans
  • Appraisals and valuation of resource roads and bridges
  • Specialist bridge and road audits for compliance with legal, certification and professional standards
  • Provision of timely technical advice and support, to assist our clients with critical management decisions

Log Handling Facilities

Since 1989, StoneCroft has designed and constructed over 100 innovative, environmentally sustainable and cost effective marine log transfer facilities across coastal BC.  These facilities provide economic access to timber volume in remote, challenging, environmentally sensitive and high public visibility areas.  These facilities include:

  • Dryland log sort yards
  • Push-off log dumps with fixed and floating skidways
  • “Direct to barge” log transfer facilities
  • Barge ramps
  • Log booming grounds
  • Log bundle dewatering systems
  • Stiff leg derricks
  • A-frame (lift and lower) facilities

Roads and Earthworks

StoneCroft specializes in design and construction management of technical, steep resource roads, traditional and backup switchbacks, retaining walls, engineered rock cuts, constructed fills and major earthworks. We utilize AutoCAD Civil 3D and vehicle tracking software to develop innovative designs that accommodate an array of specific industry design vehicles.

We provide detailed designs, estimated material volumes, and construction cost estimates for earthworks projects, abutments, and retaining structure types including:

  • Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Retaining Walls
  • Log Cribbing
  • Gabions
  • Precast Concrete Blocks
  • Keyed-in Riprap/ Stacked Rock Fills
  • Sheet Piling
  • Other structure types as required

Construction Management and Survey Control

We provide construction management and supervision of major construction projects.  We can provide detailed construction cost estimation and evaluation of multiple design options, to assist our clients with decision making.  Upon project completion we prepare all required Construction Assurance Statements and Record Drawings as the Professional Engineer of Record (POR).

We provide on site construction supervision and layout for Quality Assurance/ Quality Control to ensure design criteria is met. We utilize Nikon and Leica total stations (reflectorless and robotic), Real Time Kinematic (RTK) equipment and UAV’s with photogrammetry software to preform topographic site and as-built construction surveys.

In addition to construction management and supervision, StoneCroft also provides hands-on construction services for technical log bridges and log cribbing, along with maintenance and structural repairs for temporary and permanent steel and concrete bridges.

Recreational and Parks Structures

StoneCroft has experience designing and constructing many recreational bridges for parks, districts, and municipalities in front and back country locations along the west coast of British Columbia. Our expertise includes:

  • Timber, log, steel and aluminum truss pedestrian footbridges
  • ATV crossing bridges
  • Cable cars
  • Retaining walls and other infrastructure

Inspection and Maintenance

StoneCroft has provided inspection and evaluation services to our clients for decades on thousands of structures to ensure ongoing structural, environmental, maintenance and safety requirements are continually met to reduce risk for our client’s infrastructure. We complete detailed structural inspections to determine load ratings, operational constraints, hydrotechnical conditions, geotechnical considerations, and scour potential for crossings. We also offer maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation plans for existing structures on a priority basis, to maximize their effective service life.