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Below are some testimonials we have received from our clients.

Please accept this as our recommendation of the management, supervision and crew capabilities of StoneCroft Project Engineering.

StoneCroft have performed a wide variety of engineering projects for us since 2001, including bridges, large culverts, retaining walls, modified fords and log dump conceptual designs and installations as well as camp surveys and numerous bridge inspections. StoneCroft has been an integral part of our engineering team that has helped to develop a high standard of bridge work and log dump facilities to meet our certification system.  StoneCroft has installed bridges ranging from 4 metre gravel over steel set on concrete ‘T’ foundations to a 46 metre composite in Homathko River. StoneCroft has worked with all our contractors and has had a very positive relationship during the planning and construction phases of all projects.

StoneCroft has also designed, supervised and helped in the construction of at least 5 log dumps for our Coastal Logging Operations. All log dumps have been designed with debris management plans that comply with the requirements of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as well as our own certification system requirements. StoneCroft has also been able to facilitate communications between government approval agencies to help facilitate works within fisheries windows as well as help resolve other operational constraints on projects.

The majority of our work is performed in remote areas requiring transportation by boats, float planes and helicopters. StoneCroft’s crews have been able to provide safe, efficient and cooperative work for all projects performed.

Yours truly,

Bob Harris, RPF

Operations Manager

A&A Trading Ltd.

Lee Deslauriers of StoneCroft Project Engineering has contracted with the Forest Practices Board since April 2013 doing both special investigation and audit work. In 2013, the Board conducted a special investigation on bridge planning, design and construction, in conjunction with the Joint Practices Board (JPB) of the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP) and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC). The JPB was allowed to select one contractor as their representative for this project and they selected Lee, since he has a wealth of experience with bridges as well as his dual designations as a P.Eng and a RPF.

During the bridge special investigation was the first time I met Lee and he proved to be a very capable consultant – so much so, we have continued to utilize him as a road and bridge auditor each season since.

I find Lee to be very professional and diligent in his work.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher R. Mosher, CPA, CA, EP(CEA)

Director, Audits & CFO

Forest Practices Board

Please accept this letter as a favourable reference for StoneCroft Project Engineering

StoneCroft has provided Professional Engineering services to the BC Timber Sales Port McNeill office since 2013.  During this time, Senior Engineer Lee Deslauriers and his entire compliment of staff have provided excellent client service at fair value.  All work has been completed in a timely fashion.  StoneCroft’s employees have helped us deal with a very wide variety of engineering issues, allowing us to meet our business goals in a safe and cost effective manner.  The scope of work provided by StoneCroft includes:

  • Project planning support, cost estimates and equipment and manpower requirements;
  • Project site surveys, plans and reports (roads, bridges, major culverts, engineered structures, log dumps);
  • Conceptual designs for forest road bridges (wood, steel, concrete);
  • Conceptual designs for major culverts, fords, retaining walls, and engineered structures;
  • Construction co-ordination, inspection and professional certification;
  • As-built documentation;
  • Inspections and load ratings for road networks, bridges, major culverts and engineered structures;
  • Marine environment log dump and barge ramp planning, surveys, construction and certification;
  • Engineering support for habitat restoration and fish passage projects

StoneCroft was also instrumental in helping us complete emergency repairs on our bridge and road infrastructure in Holberg after a large storm caused serious damage in the fall of 2014.  StoneCroft’s employees mobilized quickly and provided cost-effective solutions that helped ensure public and industrial safety.

In summary, I consider StoneCroft to be an excellent consultant and would highly recommend hiring them in the future.

Yours truly,

Mike McCulley, RFT

Engineering Specialist

BC Timber Sales, Port McNeill

Please accept this letter as a positive reference for the high quality and consistent attention to detail of the owners and staff of Stonecroft Project Engineering Ltd.  Island Timberlands has employed Stonecroft under contract since 2005 and continues to utilize them as our sole provider of Professional bridge and major culvert services and advice.  Stonecroft provides Island Timberlands with many varied aspects of professional support including:

  • Bridge, major culvert, and retaining wall inspections.
  • Bridge structural repair designs and cost estimates.
  • Conceptual bridge, culvert, switchback, armoured ford design and cost estimates.
  • Organization and installation supervision of the majority of Island Timberlands structure
  • Construction of log bridges and abutments, and install/repair of bridge components.
  • Log sort yard design and construction supervision.
  • Preparation of structural design aids.
  • General road structure advice on an ad hoc basis including development of Island Timberlands Standard Operating Procedures.

Stonecroft owners take their role as safety leaders very seriously and are dedicated to providing a safe workplace. The staff emulate these behaviours and safe work practices are paramount.

Stonecroft has been delegated to manage the majority of the Island Timberlands road structure inspection, maintenance and scheduling data management system (Cengea Resources).  This is the main tool Island Timberlands uses to document and plan a safe and effective road structure system and forms the basis for the replacement and maintenance of structures and the planning of new structures.

Stonecroft provides a unique combination of competent, experienced field people coupled with a solid civil and structural engineering foundation.  They produce plans that are clear and concise and easily translated into construction plans onsite, so installation crews are efficient.  When representing Island Timberlands on a job site, they act professionally and diligently to get the job done.

I recommend utilizing the professional services of StoneCroft Project Engineering with no reservations.


Kraig Urbanoski, RFT

Area Planner

Island Timberlands LP

Please accept this letter as a positive reference for high quality and consistent engineering support services provided to BC Timber Sales since 2004 by StoneCroft Project Engineering Ltd.

Senior Engineer Lee Deslauriers and his talented team provide us with forest sector options and solutions that are practical, cost effective, and innovative.

For the past 14 plus years, StoneCroft has proven capacity to provide the following engineering services in support of servicing BCTS forest roads in Campbell River, South Island, and Sunshine Coast operating areas, totalling some 2000kms of road, 550 bridges, 100 major structures, and 50 log dumps:

  • Project planning support, cost estimations, and equipment and manpower requirements
  • Project site surveys, plans, and reports (roads, bridges, major culverts, engineered structures, log dumps)
  • Conceptual designs for forest road bridges (wood, steel, and concrete)
  • Conceptual designs for major culverts, fords, retaining walls, and engineered structures
  • Construction co-ordination, inspection, and professional certification
  • As built documentation
  • Certification of salvaged components
  • Road network, bridge, major culvert, and engineered structure inspections and load ratings
  • Marine environment and log dump planning, surveys, construction, and certification
  • Engineering support for habitat restoration and fish passage projects

StoneCroft has demonstrated an ability to incorporate safety considerations into all aspects of their work, and are dedicated to providing a safe workplace, with particular focus on safety at the construction site.

I would highly recommend StoneCroft Project Engineering for any engineering projects on the BC coast.

Your truly,

Roland Doering, RFT

Engineering Specialist – BC Timber Sales

Strait of Georgia Business Area

I am pleased to again provide and letter of reference for StoneCroft Project Engineering. StoneCroft have provided engineering services to Stillwater Division since 1990 and multitude of detailed forest engineering projects. Over this 28-plus year period, these projects have included:

  1. Bridge inspections
  2. Bridge and other structural site plans
  3. Conceptual bridge designs & cost estimates
  4. Tendering of fabrication and installation contracts
  5. Site supervision and environmental monitoring for bridge construction and replacement
  6. Log dump site plans, designs, and cost estimates
  7. Special road construction and road rehab site plans, designs, and cost estimates for
    • Ford style gully crossings
    • End haul areas
    • Retaining walls
    • Large rock cuts
  8. Foundations for DLS Structures such as 150-ton stiffleg derrick, trip bunks, etc.
  9. DLS paving
  10. Fish passing culverts
  11. Traditional and backup switch back design

The bridges and structures have ranged from 2,000 mm pipes to a 95 m triple span structure.

As senior engineer at StoneCroft, Lee Deslauriers is continuing in the tradition of his mentor and company founder Glen Beaton. He and his engineers have the unique ability to meld the design considerations of civil engineering with the practical realities of coastal road builder or logger working up the back end of a coastal valley or inlet.  A prime consideration in all of their design proposals is how the operator was going to actually safely install the structure or build the road while ensuring environmental compliance.

Brad Beaton provides StoneCroft clients with a unique blend of site surveying, structure design, and practical installation experience.  He has the ability to look at a site from the point of view of the design engineer, installer and environmental monitor. When it comes to install supervision and environmental monitoring, he is our first choice. The StoneCroft engineers have always been innovators who challenge us to consider designs or practices that went beyond what we were currently doing. A good example was their work to develop fish passing culverts as an environmentally acceptable and cost-effective alternative to open bottom structures. They worked with us at Stillwater and the Ministry of Environment in the design, installation and evaluation of a number of structure types (baffles vs. no baffles, concrete vs. stream substrate, round vs. arch etc.) on varying stream gradients.

In summary, I have no reservations at all in recommending StoneCroft Project Engineering.

Sincerely yours,

J.W. Cowlard, RPF

Operations Planner (Retired)

Western Forest Products Inc.

Stillwater Forest Operation

The Sunshine Coast District has had a long relationship (15+ years) with StoneCroft Project Engineering. Initially, the majority of work involved StoneCroft Project Engineering Ltd. (SPE) providing local forest licensees with detailed Professional Engineer sealed designs and cost estimates for various sized permanent bridges, major culverts and difficult road construction sections for inclusion in stumpage appraisal submissions to the District. I personally reviewed many of these designs both in office and in field with SPE. All works were done to a vary high standard and resulted in cost effective structures and road.

Since approximately 2008, SPE has been under direct contract to the District to provide detailed site plans for stream crossings, log dumps, and retaining walls. Works included the design, construction monitoring and certification of numerous permanent bridges and major culverts, log dump construction, retaining walls, and specialized road section construction. It is estimated that the value of the works completed exceeds $2.0 million during this time period.

One example of completed District works is the Okeover (north of Powell River) log dump and approach road. This involved extensive rock thru cut specialized construction adjacent residential dwellings and reconstruction of an old log dump in an extremely high value aquaculture and recreational area. This was a three year project costing in excess of $1 million. SPE was involved from inception to end with design, cost estimating, monitoring and certification functions. All works were done safely to a very high standard, conforming to design criteria and within established cost estimates. This is now one of the most well built log dumps on the coast.

Another example is the North Lake Forest Service Road (near Egmont, B.C.) project where SPE designed and monitored the construction of over 250 meters of gabion wall construction. The existing road fill was collapsing adjacent to the lake and detailed survey and design was required to fit a retaining wall within a very tight crown road right of way adjacent to private land and lake. This involved layered gabion wall construction and road reconstruction in a high value and very high profile area. Final project costs were in excess of $0.5 million. SPE provided very high quality design, monitoring, and certification services.

SPE has been very responsible and a pleasure to work with to complete out critical District road projects. They are definitely a “low maintenance contractor” and safety oriented both in terms of design work and field works.

I would highly recommend StoneCroft Project Engineering Ltd. as a consultant/contractor and hope to have SPE on District contract again this year.

Yours truly,

Trent Meyer, RPF, RFT

Engineering Officer (Retired)

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Sunshine Coast District